Kevin Vandenheuvel

Kevin decided to enter family medicine after his experiences working as a paramedic in Portland, Oregon and Ann Arbor, Michigan early in his career. It was in this prehospital setting that he saw the significant impact that health disparities, unequal access to care and untreated chronic diseases had on the everyday lives of patients. Family medicine seemed a perfect venue to address these issues by caring for the whole person, at any age, regardless of their barriers to care.
Kevin obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness from Western Washington University; post-baccalaureate sciences from Portland State University; Paramedic Licensure from Oregon Health and Sciences University; Masters in Physician Assistant Studies from Oregon Health and Science University. Kevin and his wife moved to Wallowa County in 2018 for work opportunities and immediately fell in love with the community and the unmatched beauty of the landscape. “Everyday, we remain so thankful for the kindness of our friends, neighbors and community here.”
Kevin joined the Winding Waters team in October of 2018, he likes to focus on care of the whole person, including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health across the entire lifespan. This includes a focus on the role of movement, exercise and nutrition to achieve our best selves. Kevin values practicing in a multidisciplinary setting, working with colleagues from nutrition, pharmacy, physical/occupational therapy, mental health and social work who can work collaboratively to meet every patients’ needs and particularly passionate about chronic disease management and internal medicine; reproductive and women’s health; substance use disorder treatment and comprehensive chronic pain management.
When asked what he finds most rewarding about his career he answered “I remain inspired every day by my patients and the power in their individual stories.”
In his free time, Kevin enjoys skiing, running, mountain biking, bike touring, yoga, reading, playing an instrument and spending time with my his wife and daughter.

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