Dr. Wes Baker

Dr. Baker was motivated to enter the medical field because he values giving back to his community and caring for others in various stages of life. He completed medical school and his residency at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) before moving on to Wallowa County. Now he provides a multitude of services including primary care from birth to death, hospital and ER care, prenatal care and deliveries, and clinic procedures ranging from skin excisions to joint evaluations and vasectomies. Dr. Baker is inspired by helping his patients be happy and healthy. He strives to always focus on what matters to the patient most by using clear and honest communication to help them improve their health. He appreciates the close knit community in Wallowa County, and loves that he can help the community by using the full extent of his training. When he is not in the clinic, Dr. Baker enjoys running, cooking, and playing outside with his family.
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