Dr. Gary Underhill

During his developmental years, he was surrounded by physicians and college professors. Neither one of those lifestyles appealed to him at the time, however his uncle Benny’s sure did! He was a dentist and was always having fun, so Underhill decided that was the life for him.
Dr. Underhill’s scholastic requirements for dental school were completed at Walla Walla and Portland State Universities. Dental School
was completed at OHSU where he graduated in 1972. Dr. Underhill then went into the army and was assigned to Fort Rucker, Alabama where he enjoyed two years of great professional and social exposure. Upon completion of his military obligations, he moved here to Enterprise with his family where they have been ever since.
When asked what he enjoys the most about his profession, Dr. Underhill said “Probably the thing I enjoy most about dentistry is that we can fix anything! I’m not trying to be arrogant, but most dental procedures
are elective and the available treatment options are numerous. Be it an accident or just plain neglect, it is rewarding to make people whole again.”
The Underhill family has always been outdoor oriented so Wallowa County has been a good fit. “Socially, you could not ask for a better patient base to work with.” says Underhill. “We have enjoyed our patients and many of them have become good friends. Our family has been blessed to be part of Wallowa County.”