Covid Info


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COVID-19 information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

COVID-19 information from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA)
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Oregon Governor’s Announcements and Orders


Testing for COVID-19 is currently available in Wallowa County by Primary Care Provider discretion.  If you feel that you should be tested, please call your Primary Care Provider and request a curbside or home visit.

Winding Waters is working in close partnership with Wallowa Memorial Hospital to ensure testing can be done as safely and quickly as possible.  The current price of a COVID-19 lab test is $138.  There may be additional costs for accessing a COVID-19 test.

Please know that both the Hospital and Winding Waters offer discounted fees for patients experiencing financial hardship.  COVID-19 testing may even be free of charge.  We will work hard for your benefit.  If you have any financial concerns about accessing health care, please speak with one of our staff members today.  Call 541-426-4502 any time.