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All providers at Winding Waters Clinic currently use Open Access Scheduling. The concept is simple: call the clinic the day you want to be seen, and we will get you seen that day. The earlier you call the more likely you are to get the appointment slot you prefer.

Of course, if you would like to schedule an appointment in advance, you still have that option. Just call the Clinic and let us know which option you like best.

Dr. Powers
Dr. Geoff Maly
Kathryn Mayhew PA-C
Kathy Siebe PNP
Dr DeYoung  CMO
Dr Annika Maly
Lisa Howe PA-C
Residents from OHSU
Dr Renee Grandi (will see patients at the HHH center)
Amy Zahm – Acupuncture
Kuulei Payne – Dental Hygienist
Kelsey Stowell – Massage Therapist (will see patients exclusively at the HHH center)
Randi Movich – RN
Michael Farley – Pharmacist
Gerry Rahn – Pharmacist
Green Team – Dr Powers : Johna Alford, MA ; Kirsten Eschler, Front Desk
Blue Team – Dr DeYoung : Brittany Shelton, MA; Tiffany Thompson, Front Desk
Purple Team – Dr Grandi : Andrew Davis, Front Desk; no MA assigned
Red Team – Dr Geoff Maly : Rachel Ellis, MA; Andrew Davis, Front Desk
Pink Team – Dr Annika Maly : Mandie Wagner, MA; Ayesha Hutchison, Front Desk
Orange Team – Kathryn Mayhew PA-C : Kimberly West, MA; Andrew Davis Front Desk
Orange Team – Lisa Howe PA-C : Joani Araya, MA; Andrew Davis, Front Desk
Orange Team – Kathy Siebe PNP: Andrew Davis, Front Desk, no MA assigned
Orange Team – OHSU Residents : Savannah Kangas, MA; Andrew Davis, Front Desk