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AR-140919956 (1)Winding Waters Clinic was officially opened on January 29, 1975 and has served Wallowa County, Oregon for over 40 years. Winding Waters is located in a frontier county in Northeast Oregon, 66 miles from the next nearest medical services. Due to it’s isolation Winding Waters has, since its opening, been dedicated to meeting the complete primary care needs of Wallowa County residents and visitors. Winding Waters is consistently working to improve and expand patient care through feedback, planning, and redesign efforts. In 2012 Winding Waters moved into its current location in order to keep its facilities as current as its practices.

Winding Waters service hours are:
Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00pm

As a Patient Centered Primary Care Home, Winding Waters has received the prestigious 3 STAR designation from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). This distinction was created to recognize clinics that have implemented positively transformative processes into their work using best practices and the Patient-Centered Primary Care Home model framework. Some of these processes include, expanding clinic hours, and opening on Saturdays, establishing a Patient Advisory Council to advise the clinic on its operations from the patient perspective, and pairing with Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness to offer the services of behavioral health coaches to our patients.

We are proud to have accomplished all that we have, and every day we work relentlessly to pursue improvement in the health of all of Wallowa County.

Our Mission is to provide excellent, comprehensive, compassionate, patient-centered care to the families and visitors of Wallowa County.

Accountability – We are responsible for our decisions and actions with our patients and with each other. Affordability – As we maximize the quality of the work we do, we will seek to minimize the cost to our patients and the health care system. Collaboration – Only by working together can we hope to have a community-wide impact. Integrity – We will be consistent in our actions, values and principles in pursuit of our goals. Leadership – Where others need direction, we will be a catalyst through our words and actions. Passion – We love what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Vision for the Clinic is of a place where patients and staff feel welcomed and empowered to improve both individual health and the delivery of healthcare. Our clinic is a place where we relentlessly pursue improvement in the health of all of Wallowa County.